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Healthier SG is an initiative by the Singapore government. It involves encouraging all Singaporeans to build a strong lifelong relationship with one family doctor who will then help and guide you to take proactive steps to better manage your health. Through healthier lifestyles, we hope to prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

If you need help enrolling with Eiddwen Family Medicine Clinic for Healthier SG, please call us!


As of 5th July 2023, Healthier SG enrolment has started officially for patients who are aged 40 years old and above and has any of the stated 23 conditions under the Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP).

Examples of some chronic conditions

Some examples of chronic conditions listed in the CDMP are Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia

Personalised Health Care

Forge a strong relationship with a healthcare provider who can provide holistic health and follow-up your health issues and provide appropriate medical throughout your life.

Health Points

Earn $20 worth of health points after first Health Plan Consultation

Health Screening

Eligible Singapore Citizens can get fully-subsidised MOH-recommended health screening

Health Plans

Discuss with your doctor about the health goals that you want to achieve via lifestyle modifications that you can make that will have an  impact on your health.

Activities in Your Neighbourhood

Participate in activities in your neighbourhood that will help you achieve your health goals and may be make some new friends!


Eligible Singapore citizens can get fully-subsidized vaccinations recommended on the National Adult Immunisation Schedule.

healthier SG

How to Enrol in Healthier SG?

Step 1

Log into HealthHub app using SingPass.

Step 2

Tap on Healthier SG banner to begin enrolment. Select your user profile for self-enrolment. Tap on “Enrol in Healthier SG”

Step 3

Tap on “Select preferred clinic” Tap on “Search by keyword”.  Enter “Eiddwen Family Medicine Clinic”

Step 4

Tap on confirm enrolment. Call us to schedule your first Health Plan Consultation!

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